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About FBE

Welcome to FBE's official merch store. First, a quick thank you. Your support here, or anywhere, means so much to all of us, and allows our 70+ hard working staff (and over 200+ Reactors) to keep bringing you the shows you know & love all year long. By going to things like live events or just ordering merch online, not only are you celebrating the communities you're actively building, but you are helping your favorite creators and channels stay sustainable, regardless of any platform or algorithm/monetization issues they may face.

Now, for those who don't know what FBE is exactly, let us introduce ourselves. 👋

FBE is an independently owned award-winning digital media company, studio, and TV network. We currently produce 15 different shows and series for over 30 million subscribers, and regularly create content across multiple genres including: scripted, non-scripted, animated, sketch, interactive, branded entertainment, & VR. We've also created and produced shows for television networks and premium SVODs in the past including Nickelodeon, TruTV, Freeform, YouTube Red and Fullscreen.

NONE of this would have been possible without our incredible fans and viewers, and people like you who've found their way onto our store's "About" page :) If you made it this far, welcome to the FBE Fam, we're so excited you're here. 

Oh, once you get your swag, send us a pic! Twitter/Insta @FBE ❤️